Smelter Barbora – Future

The project is called Iron smelter Barbora revitalization in Jince and it is financed by the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021.

The project’s contribution is the preservation of the Smelter Barbora cultural monument as a priority. Another benefit will be new attraction creation in the region and the creation of a new tourism product that will increase the number of visitors to the region. The step is also an important part of boosting tourism, which has been significantly subdued by the situation of the Covid-19 outbreak. The creation of a new tourism product will support the economy of the region and have an important socio-economic impact on the Jince Township, which is located in the vicinity of the former military area Brdy. Due to the limitations of previous years, when the whole area of the military base was closed for 90 years and no cultural events or social activities could be developed there, the revitalisation of the site will bring the possibility of organising cultural and social events. A hall will be created within the smelter, which will be used for lectures, concerts, rentals or activities of associations and civic societies in Jince.

We can assume that the revitalization of the monument itself and also thanks to other activities linked to it, new job opportunities will be created. Increased publicity and new tourism products implemented in the project will create conditions and opportunities for business development (accommodation, catering and guide services).

An integral part of the monument is the connection with the surroundings, specifically with the iron ore mining sites in Brdy. We must not leave out the outdoor part of the exhibition, which will show, for example, the preparation of charcoal, which was an essential part of the metallurgical process of smelting iron ore.

Within the budget of the Jince municipality, funds will be allocated to ensure the operation of the Barbora smelter in the coming years. Incorporation of the Barbora smelter activities into the budget of the municipality is a stabilising factor for the continuation of the activities that will be initiated thanks to the project. We plan to further use and expand the range of activities in outdoor area of the Barbora smelter. In particular, we want to expand the outdoor exhibitions, that will show and bring visitors closer to the early period of processing iron ore. We plan to build models of the tar furnace and use a working charcoal pile, which will be used regularly to present the production of charcoal, which was an essential part of iron ore processing in the Barbora smelter. As part of sustainability, we are counting on the proceeds from the sale of charcoal, that will be produced here. This will be a welcome contribution to sustainability and an interesting gift or souvenir of a visit to the Barbora smelter.

Within the framework of sustainability, cooperation with the Barrandien National Geopark is planned (the Jince Township has become a partner of the geopark). A scree place will be operated in the outdoor area of the smelter. Here, the scree from the surrounding quarries will be placed, in which visitors will be able to find fossils from the Jince Cambrian (mainly trilobites, ramiopods, and other invertebrates) with the help of geological hammers. This offer, which will include, for example, the loan of geological hammers or guided tours and identification of finds, will be an additional financial contribution to ensure the sustainability of the project outputs.

The sustainability of the project for a period of 5 years will be ensured from recipient’s own resources and from any activities that will be organized in the outdoor area or directly in the Barbora smelter buildings.