The project is called Iron smelter Barbora revitalization in Jince and it is financed by the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021.

Project is carried out in partnership:

Final beneficiary: Městys Jince

Project partners: Orlov Ecological Centre (NGO) and Fjellugla Competanse Ltd (Norway)

Project description:

The project will save a cultural monument and, thanks to the reconstruction and building of destroyed buildings, will return it to its original state. The smelter restoration is a significant undertaking on a European scale. The project will allow the smelter to be integrated back into the life of the Jince municipality. The project is designed into several activities that are planned to make the smelter Barbora to become not only a visited place, but also a community centre for the whole municipality. Within the framework of the project, we want to strengthen tourism and also support the return of life to the villages located near the former Brdy military area.

The rescue of the Barbora smelter is ensured by the repair of the smelter itself (the S01), the construction of the original adjacent building (building S02), the realization of indoor exhibitions and the preparation of outdoor exhibitions. As part of the reconstruction of the S01 building, we will repair and rehabilitate the external and internal plaster, conserve the furnace body, restore the floors. The window and door panels will be exchanged in the original style. We will carry out restoration work on the surviving door artefacts.

As part of the restoration of building S02, we plan to construct the building according to the original plans and, based on the recommendations of the National Heritage Institute, we will connect this building with building S01 in order to preserve the value of the cultural monument. The S02 building will be used for exhibitions and community meetings in Jince Township.

In total, we will create 4 indoor exhibitions, which will be in the S01 building. The first exhibition will be interactive and will focus on “Life in the Barbora smelter”. The second exhibition belongs to the native of Jince, Josef Slavik, who had been called the new Paganini. The third exposition will be dedicated to the Barrandien Geopark and paleontological findings in Jince. The last exhibition concerns Brdy nature.

The project will present the cultural monument as part of the Czech cultural heritage (exhibitions), but we will also organize workshops, cultural events and experiential activities for the inhabitants of Jince or Brdy visitors.

Project activities:

  1. Project management
  2. Project publicity
  3. Revitalization of smelter Barbora
  4. Preparation and implementation of permanent exhibitions
  5. Workshops
  6. Travelling exhibition
  7. Culture events
  8. Business strategy

Project team:

  • Ing. Pavla Staňková – project manager
  • Bc. Miroslava Tichá – Financial manager
  • Luboš Gardoň – PR manager
  • Kristýna Zeisková – accountant
  • Project assistant