Within this activity, workshops will be prepared with demonstrations of traditional crafts such as blacksmithing, carving, basketry and others. There will be a workshop focused on the restoration of monuments and the presentation of original crafts dedicated to the processing and production of iron. One part of the workshops will be devoted to historical building practices. During the workshop, we will present masonry techniques that were used in the restoration of the Barbora smelter. At the same time, we will present classical methods of woodworking (carpentry, joinery) in the workshops. In addition to Czech experts, we will also involve a foreign partner in the workshops who has extensive experience in preserving original crafts. The workshop will also be attended by the Waldorf School Pribram, which trains artistic carpenters and blacksmiths who are dedicated to the restoration and replication of original objects.

The second part of the workshops is devoted to original forest crafts and crafts related to metallurgy. During these workshops we will present not only the actual iron smelting, but also its processing. It will be possible to see blacksmithing both hot and cold methods. We will introduce the metalworking industry and its history, which is important for the development of the region. We will also present local ironworks and their history in workshops dedicated to metallurgy. We must remember that Brdy used to be called the iron heart of Bohemia. An important activity will be the presentation of original forest crafts, which will be concluded with the burning of wood pile.