Barbora smelter revitalization

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As part of the revitalization, we planned survey and geodetic work that mapped the condition of the cultural monument. It is an immovable collection of buildings and land which, according to the record on the National Monument Institute website, has been listed as a protected monument since 3rd May 1958. The ironworks – blast furnace on plot no. 1045 is part of this complex. According to the monument catalogue of the National Heritage Institute, the set is registered in the register of cultural monuments under the number 24598/2-2441.

We divided the actual revitalization into two parts. The first part is the restoration and repair of building S01 – the existing building of the Barbora smelter including the preserved blast furnace. The second part is the structural restoration of the original building S02, which was part of the Barbora smelter but was destroyed due to the devastation of the monument.

Within the construction part of building S01 we included repairs and restoration of masonry, plastering, floors, arched ceilings, staircases, plumbing, locksmithing and carpentry elements, removal and repointing of parts of the structures that were made by insensitive intervention in the character of the cultural monument. We will restore the destroyed southern ground floor extension of building S01. We plan new electrical wiring and fire water main. We will replace the pane of windows and doors, making maximum use of the restoration of the preserved original artifacts. During the revitalization of building S01, we will fix and stabilize the body of the blast furnace. All construction work and colour solutions of the building will be carried out on the basis of the recommendations of the National Heritage Institute. The choice of materials will take into account the original practices of the time. This practice will be followed in all construction work on the S01 and building S02 the former part of the Barbora smelter. Building S02 will be connected to the sewerage system and we plan to partially heat it. We are going to place here sanitary facilities for visitors (toilets for visitors, including disabled people, a day room for staff, a cleaning room storage room, utility room, office). The main part of the building will be an exhibition hall, which we intend to use as a lecture and concert hall or as a meeting place of associations and organizations in the Township.

By revitalizing the S02 building, we will create visitor’s facilities and enable the exhibitions operation in the S01 building. At the same time, we will restore the appearance of the Barbora smelter to the period of its creation. With this sensitive revitalization solution, we will achieve a perfect return to the original state of the Barbora smelter.