Outdoor exhibitions of smelter Barbora

The outdoor exhibitions will be linked to the indoor exhibitions. They will provide an extension and complement the information, but their main task will be to actively involve visitors in the experience.

The first of the outdoor exhibitions in the outdoor area of the smelter Barbora will focus on demonstrations of the traditional way in iron processing. It will consist of the set of models that will present metallurgy from its primitive beginnings to the production of iron at the smelter Barbora. This exhibition will be complemented by models of accompanying crafts and forest crafts related to metallurgy. We will place a model of a tar furnace and, above all, a working model of a charcoal pile, which was essential for the operation of smelter Barbora. The charcoal pile will be functional and on various occasions during the project activities, we will prepare charcoal, which will form one of the souvenirs of the visit to smelter Barbora.

The second outdoor exhibition will be the outer part of the Barrandien National Geopark exhibition. Within this exhibition we will create a scree area that will offer active participation of visitors. Here we will place stones from the surrounding quarries, which will allow the search for fossils using a geological hammer. A paleontological site will also be created within the outdoor exhibit to allow the uncovering of fossils and their assembling. The outdoor paleontological exhibition will make the theme of fossils at Jince area more attractive. Connecting the exhibition to the surrounding educational trails that lead to the sites of the findings or to guided geological tours organized in cooperation with the National Geopark Barrandien will form a very comprehensive and attractive offer that is unparalleled in the Czech Republic. This exhibition and related activities will also form an important offer for schools and families with children thanks to a strong experiential part and the upcoming chocolate workshop project, where trilobites will be made from chocolate.