As part of the management activity, an implementation team was formed, which includes:
project manager – Ing. Pavla Staňková
financial manager – Bc. Miroslava Tichá
PR manager – Luboš Gardoň
accountant – Kristýna Zeisková
assistant manager – currently vacant

The implementation team meets once a fortnight, more often if necessary. The implementation team meetings are arranged and managed by the project manager. The implementation team establishes a structure of interchangeability of individual members to ensure that the project schedule can be maintained in the event of a team member’s fallout.

The project is managed and overseen by a project manager who manages the implementation team. His role is to provide leadership to the project in terms of the substantive functioning and preparation of tenders, which she will implement with the Financial Manager.

Project manager (part time)

    • manages and oversees project implementation, project schedule
    • supervises the drawing of and keeping the budget
    • convenes project implementation team meetings and review days
    • is person who represents project
    • prepares and compiles information for monitoring reports
    • prepares tenders in cooperation with the Financial Manager
    • ensures the audit is carried out in cooperation with the financial manager
    • develops the business strategy
    • takes part within communication and propagation activities

Financial manager (part-time)

    • is responsible for the financial management of the project (economics, cost-effectiveness) in the context of project regulations and national legislation
    • supervises the drawing of and keeping the budget
    • is responsible for the accounting of the project
    • is responsible for invoice processing and project account, contracts’s records
    • together with the project manager participates in the preparation of documents for the audit
    • cooperates with project manager
    • participates in the preparation of monitoring reports submitted
    • archiving documentation, contracts and accounting documents
    • implements tendering procedures
    • cooperates in the project publicity

Accountant (part time)

    • maintains primary records of documents for project accounting
    • is responsible for the processing of invoices, project expenditure documents
    • together with the financial manager, participates in the preparation of documents for the audit
    • cooperates with financial manager
    • participates in the preparation of monitoring reports submitted
    • ensures the archiving of accounting documents related to the project
    • ensures the maintenance of payroll records and their archiving in accordance with the relevant regulations

Assistant manager (part-time)

    • primarily assistant of project manager
    • helps to prepare documents for the financial manager
    • provides administrative support for project and administrative activities
    • helps with the organization of the project’s PR activities

PR manager (part-time)

    • is in charge of the project publicity activity
    • prepares and implements workshops
    • responsible for the production and realization of the travelling exhibition
    • takes care of the marketing plan and media outputs
    • coordinates dissemination activities
    • responsible for press releases about the project
    • prepares documents for the project manager for monitoring reports
    • provides information to the project manager about events and activities planned for the public