Indoor exhibitions of Barbora smelter

The revitalization will include indoor and outdoor exhibitions creation.

The indoor exhibitions will be located in building S01, which will be formed by the existing building of Barbora smelter. Permanent exhibitions will be placed here, and they will focus on the presentation of the history and mission of the Barbora smelter and the attractions of Jince Township and its surroundings.

We want to dedicate the first permanent exhibition to metallurgy. It will focus on the significance of the Barbora smelter, its operation, the importance of the Brdy blast furnaces in processing of local iron ore, and the history of the iron industry in Jince and Brdy. The exhibition will use animations to show the actual life in the smelter at the time of its creation. We will show the method of smelting iron ore in the charcoal furnaces, and visitors will be able to try out the preparation of the charge for the charcoal furnace. The exhibition will include paintings, photographs, tools used and animations of the actual iron smelting. The exhibition will allow guided tours with a look into the furnace body.

The second exhibition will be dedicated to Josef Slavik. He was a native of Jince who was a brilliant violinist and composer. Already in his 20s, he had a reputation as a brilliant violinist, mastering the most demanding parts. He was recognized by greats such as Paganini and Franz Schubert, and was described as Paganini’s successor.

The third exhibition is dedicated to the Barrandien National Geopark. The indoor exhibition will introduce the historical development of our planet to visitors. Township Jince is part of Barrandien and there are sites that were explored by Joachim Barrande. The exhibition will present findings from Jince area, both from local amateur collectors and from museums that have valuable findings documenting the prehistoric life in Jince area. The indoor exhibition will consist of reconstructions of individual findings, animations of the Cambrian Sea and other interactive elements.

The fourth permanent exhibition is dedicated to the nature of Jince area and Brdy. We will show the importance of preserving the sites of community importance (SCIs) in the surroundings and the mission of the Brdy Protected Landscape Area in the protection of species and habitats in the Natura 2000 network. The nature around Jince is very interesting and it is connected to the exhibition about Barrandien and will show how geology and human activity (metallurgy) has affected the existing species composition and face of the landscape.