Culture events

As part of the Barbora smelter reconstruction, we will create a hall in building S02, which will be used for cultural events. After the project is completed, there will be possibility to rent this hall and this rental will form a source of income for the sustainability of the project and its further development. However, during the project period we will use the hall to increase the project publicity. Several cultural events will be organised here, the main organiser will be the Township Jince. There were realized 3 events until 2022 and 8 events will take place in 2023.

Events schedule:

In 2021

  • Norwegian Christmas – discussion with Norwegian partners
  • Christmas tree in Barbora smelter

In 2022

  • discussion about life in Norway

in 2023

  • concert within Antonin Dvorak Music Festival Pribram
  • Lecture by Jiri Jirousek ,,Brdy – heavenly” connected with the exhibition ,,Heavenly Czechia”
  • Concert – “Tribute to Josef Slavik”, which will be dedicated to his compositions as part of the event Slavik Jince
  • St. Nicolas night – Hell in the Barbora Smelter
  • discussion ,,Brdy the iron heart of Bohemia”
  • lecture PLA Brdy
  • St. Nicolas night “Hell in the Barbora Smelter” in cooperation with local organizations in the municipality
  • discussion “How was the life in the Barbora smelter” – thematic discussion on the reconstruction of Barbora smelter